What is a Doula?

Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and a partner before, during and shortly after childbirth. The purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience whether an unmedicated birth or a cesarean.

We act as an advocate for the mother, encouraging and helping her fulfill specific desires she might have for her birth.


What are the benefits of having one?

Some studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40%, and requests for an epidural by 60%

What about the partner’s role when using a doula?

The role of the doula is never to take the place of partners in labor, but rather to complement and enhance their experience. Today, more birth companions play an active role in the birth process. 

By having a doula as a part of the birth team, a partner is free to do whatever he chooses. They can encourage the father to use comfort techniques and can step in if he wants a break. Having a doula allows him/her to support birth person emotionally during labour and birth and to also enjoy the experience without the added pressure of trying to remember everything he learned in childbirth class!

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