This online session will explain everything you need to know to decide if this childbirth education class is right for you!

Whether you end up choosing to book a HypnoBirthing group series, you will walk away with valuable skills to feel more at ease about your upcoming journey into parenthood.

You will learn in this free session:

  • How to avoid a traumatic birth 

  • How to experience less pain, fear and worry before and during birth 

  • How HypnoBirthing can help you birth in CALM & COMFORT

  • How to choose the best careprovider

  • How to reduce the likelihood of needing an intervention

  • How to reduce the need for drugs allowing you to have a natural, drug-free birth

  • How to reduce fear, worry and pain around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting

  • Learn which techniques the classes provides like hypnosis, positive affirmations, massage, deep breathing, and more. 

  • Watch a positive HypnoBirth video

So if you:

  • Are a First time pregnant

  • Are between 16-32 weeks pregnant

  • Are a Parent but desire a better birth experience

  • Had previous caesareans

  • Want a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC)

  • Are the Birthing Partner and want to know how to be an awesome birth support

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